July 16, 2010

KL Sembang Sains Trip

The first day of the ‘Sembang Sains’ trip to Kuala Lumpur began with an interesting visit to Petrosains KLCC. At Petrosains, there was a lot of information about science. We learnt about the history of science, how petroleum is produced and many other aspects of science. The teachers and BP staff guided us throughout our visit there.

In the night, the staff of Petrosains had organized a few interesting activities for us. They performed a science show and taught us about ‘dry ice’ which is 78.5 degree Celsius colder than frozen water under normal conditions. Then, we were instructed to make ice-cream without using the refrigerator! It was truly an amazing experience for us. We hope that the knowledge we had acquired from our visit to Petrosains will be useful in our daily lives and studies.

The second day of our stay in Kuala Lumpur was no less fantastic than the first. Early that morning, we went to KLCC Park for ‘water war’ game. It was really fun! At 10.30 am, we set off for Planetarium Negara. We watched a movie in the IMAX dome theatre and walked around the exhibition hall. Then, we went to Pusat Sains Negara. We watched a one-hour science show and looked at the exhibits. At 3 pm, we left for Kuantan.

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